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The cardinal stride

February 21, 2019 by admin0

Womanhood is uniquely beautified by the transitional phases she experiences.

Each phase has different challenges and responsibilities making a woman stronger mentally and physically.

At birth, there are millions of immature follicles (eggs which when matured have the potential to be fertilized) in her ovaries.

These immature ovarian follicles deplete in number as she grow, leaving around five thousand follicles during the pubertal phase, from which around twenty follicles mature every month, but only one follicle reaches hundred percent growth. Only this fully matured follicle comes out of the ovary around fourteenth day of menstrual cycle and stays in the uterine tube for a day; waiting for the sperm, to get fertilized. When it doesn’t occur, the vascular and cellular bed sheds off presenting as the “Menses”. This cycle continues till her pregnancy.

Woman around 45-55 years go through the phase of menopause, which takes her back to the pre-pubertal stage in the aspects of fertility.
Menopause is an age related natural phenomenon and it is irreversible.

Before Menopause there is a preparatory phase called Perimenopause, Where Woman around 40 years and above undergo hormonal fluctuations from depleting ovarian reserves, presenting with Irregular to erratic menstrual cycles, Hot flushes, Unexplained myalgia, Mood swings, etc.

Understanding Menopause, accepting the challenges, a supportive family, healthy nutrition and timely Homoeopathic medical intervention helps her in a smoother transition.


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