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September 8, 2015 by admin0

In the quest of attaining an ideal body weight, thereby promoting their chance of a better health, many people resort to different modules of dieting ,only to become disenchanted with the procedures and difficulties encountered therein, as these models of dieting seldom bear a fruitful result.

A simple understanding of the dynamics of maintaining a healthy body (weight) and mind will help us design a practical schedule of events to aid this journey towards a better health, become more joyous and realistic.

The core of attaining one’s ideal body weight lies in increasing the basal metabolic rate which in simpler terms means to increase the efficiency of your body to burn the calories. This can be achieved only by regular physical activities.

On the contrary, people falsely believe that crash dieting can also result in the same. But, crash dieting actually reduces our body’s efficiency to burn calories and result in a lowered basal metabolic rate.

    • Special diet foods for weight loss: There are no special diet foods as such to aid in weight loss. Try to have wholesome and fibrous foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meat instead of sugar substitutes.
    • Be flexible and not be too restrictive in your eating plan. There are no strict rules for eating. Be practical and nderstand that there are ups and downs in losing weight.
    • Mindful eating: Don’t be emotionally distracted and say yes to mindful eating. Watch what you are eating rather than watching T.V when you eat.You tend to gobble more when compared to mindful eating. Eat onlywhen you are hungry.
    • Gain support from family and friends to help in weight loss.
    • Don’t ditch your favourite foods. The more you say ‘no’ to your favourite food, the more you tend to eat that particular food. So, have your favourite foods in limited quantities.
    • Don’t expect the changes to happen drastically and instantly. Since weight gain happens gradually over a period of years, weight loss is also gradual. Sudden weight loss on crash diets tends to rebound your lost weight.
    • Drinking only liquids like juices or sugary beverages instead of a solid meal isless filling and develop a tendency to drink more leading to obesity.
    • Occasional dining out is preferred. Have basic foods rather than special foods in restaurants or any other occasion.
    • Have a sound sleep. Less sleep can lead to weight gain. Brain helps us to make healthier choices in food and less sleep can have an impact on this. Sleeping late at night may lead to snacking at night.
    • Being physically active helps in improving metabolic rate and maintains the body weight in the ideal range. It can be stretching exercises, yoga, swimming, walking etc based on your preference. The physical activity has to be done for 45 minutes at a stretch as the first 15 minutes of exercise uses up the glucose in blood, the next 15 minutes from the muscles and only after 30 minutes, the fat tissues breaks down to give energy. Only when fat tissues are broken down, weight loss is possible.
    • A WORD OF CAUTION: Please consult your physician before starting any exercise schedule to know about your fitness levels.
    • Physical activity has to be started mildly for a shorter duration, to be increased as your body gets accustomed to the exercise.

An intelligent choice of physical activities, mindful eating and a healthy lifestyle will steer you in the pursuit of a better health.

Mrs. Vidya Anantharaman,
M.Sc – Food Science and Nutrition Nutritionist,
Aarudraa Homoeopathic Speciality Centre,
Ashok Nagar, Chennai.


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