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June 11, 2019 by admin0

The ability to reproduce marks the uniqueness of a woman and with menopause, when this capacity to
procreate terminates, some psychologists opine that she undergoes a period of Identity Exploration, lasting a few months to years during which she identifies herself with many other significant roles apart from reproduction.

Self-esteem and Self-worth are found to be lowered during perimenopausal phase due to the associated physical and emotional challenges. Meanwhile, her children reach adolescence/adulthood wherein they exhibit more of their quest for independence and depend less on their Mother’s Nurture.

These events lead her to undergo certain features of Empty Nest Phenomenon.

Furthermore, the male members of the family fail to understand the dynamics of Menopause on both physical and psychological planes, which contributes to some disharmony among the family members.

All or some of the above manifest in varied propositions, resulting in a spectrum of challenges that are highly individualistic to the woman.

A proper understanding of the menopause and its attributes by the woman and her family goes a long way in helping her to cross this phase and begin a new chapter of life.


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