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The ability to reproduce marks the uniqueness of a woman and with menopause, when this capacity to
procreate terminates, some psychologists opine that she undergoes a period of Identity Exploration, lasting a few months to years during which she identifies herself with many other significant roles apart from reproduction.

Self-esteem and Self-worth are found to be lowered during perimenopausal phase due to the associated physical and emotional challenges. Meanwhile, her children reach adolescence/adulthood wherein they exhibit more of Psychology of menopause 31 January 2019 2 their quest for independence and depend less on their Mother’s Nurture.

These events lead her to undergo certain features of Empty Nest Phenomenon.

Furthermore, the male members of the family fail to understand the dynamics of Menopause on both physical and psychological planes, which contributes to some disharmony among the family members.

All or some of the above manifest in varied propositions, resulting in a spectrum of challenges that are highly individualistic to the woman.

A proper understanding of the menopause and its attributes by the woman and her family goes a long way in helping her to cross this phase and begin a new chapter of life.



Womanhood is uniquely beautified by the transitional phases she experiences.

Each phase has different challenges and responsibilities making a woman stronger mentally and physically.

At birth, there are millions of immature follicles (eggs which when matured have the potential to be fertilized) in her ovaries.

These immature ovarian follicles deplete in number as she grow, leaving around five thousand follicles during the pubertal phase, from which around twenty follicles mature every month, but only one follicle reaches hundred percent growth. Only this fully matured follicle comes out of the ovary around fourteenth day of menstrual cycle and stays in the uterine tube for a day; waiting for the sperm, to get fertilized. When it doesn’t occur, the vascular and cellular bed sheds off presenting as the “Menses”. This cycle continues till her pregnancy.

Woman around 45-55 years go through the phase of menopause, which takes her back to the pre-pubertal stage in the aspects of fertility.
Menopause is an age related natural phenomenon and it is irreversible.

Before Menopause there is a preparatory phase called Perimenopause, Where Woman around 40 years and above undergo hormonal fluctuations from depleting ovarian reserves, presenting with Irregular to erratic menstrual cycles, Hot flushes, Unexplained myalgia, Mood swings, etc.

Understanding Menopause, accepting the challenges, a supportive family, healthy nutrition and timely Homoeopathic medical intervention helps her in a smoother transition.



Pramod, a software professional aged around 25 years walked into our clinic sometime a year ago with complaints of dry cough and difficulty in breathing, mostly in later part of the night and morning on waking, since 2 years. He had failed to improve despite treatments by consultants of various specialities including respiratory, E.N.T. and so on.

A careful investigation into the lifestyle of Pramod helped us understand that his problem originated from the gastrointestinal system rather than the respiratory system. Asimple modification in his lifestyle and routine lead to a rapid improvement in his health and a complete recovery in a few months.

WHAT WAS PRAMOD SUFFERING FROM? GERD- Gastroesophageal Reflux DiseaseFood that we consume stays in the stomach for 3 hours, when it is broken down into simpler particles by the hydrochloric acid secreted in the stomach which ensures an easier digestive process when the food reaches the intestine later. Nature has designed the stomach in a way that it can withstand the acidic nature of Hcl. It has also ensured that this acid does not reflux into the food pipe (Oesophagus),by a valve at the lower end of the food pipe, which remains always closed and opens only when food enters from the oesophagus into the stomach. This a delicate structure which can’t withstand the onslaught of the acid. Various factors including faulty lifestyle contributes to the valve becoming lax and the resultant acid reflux.


  • late dinner and retiring to sleep within 2 -3 hours
  • A heavy meal at the end of the day
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Intake of alcohol and smoking tobacco
  • Heavy exercises like weight lifting, crunches etc.,
  • Stress

HOW DOES GERD PRESENTS ITSELF? Heart burn RegurgitationThough the above two are the classical symptoms of GERD, one can present without these symptoms,but with dry cough or difficulty in breathing, hoarseness of voice, mouth ulcers, bitter or sour taste in the mouth, vomiting, feeling like a lump in the throat,sore throat,or rarely headache or ear pain.

HOW TO GET OVER THIS?Worry not. You can overcome these issues by incorporating a few modification in your routine like

    • Having an early, light dinner
    • Sleeping 2 -3 hours after dinner
    • In the event, when a person can’t have an early meal due to his or her work schedule, he or shecan lie in a reclining position in the early part of the sleep and switch to his regular posture later on.
    • Maintaining an ideal body weight by including mild to moderate exercise in his or her schedule
    • Limiting the intake of fried foods, heavy desserts, caffeine, highly acidic foods
    • A healthy stress management schedule

Let us make sure that the acid remains in the stomach and excels in its pursuit of making digestion simple and prevent it going astray into unwanted territories.

HAPPY LIVING – Being Proactive Towards Health

Mrs. VidyaAnantharaman,

M.Sc – Food Science and Nutrition Nutritionist,

Aarudraa Homoeopathic Speciality Centre,

Ashok Nagar,



Homoeopathy, an ultra-modern system of medicine, founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann of Germany in the year 1796, has been helping alleviate health related issues of many a generation of people around the world and in turn help improve their quality of life.

This scientific world which has always been sceptical about the action of Homoeopathy, thanks to the development in the scientific arena in the past few decades like nano technology, epigenetics,etc..have helped unravel the modus operandi of Homoeopathy.

Homoeopathy accords equal importance to Diagnosis and Investigations along with the individualistic symptoms of the patient. This unique combination, peculiar only to Homoeopathy, helps in understanding the disease process and also to arrive at the appropriate Homoeopathic medicine which ensures the effective management of the diseases.

Homoeopathic medicines play an important role in the prevention of “SUPER-BUGS”, which have recently created an havoc in the health care management globally, by effectively treating the acute diseases like Upper Respiratory Tract Infections, Gastroenteritis, Tonsilitis, etc.,

Homoeopathy is equally effective in the management of chronic diseases and in the prevention of long term complications associated with life-style disorders like Metabolic Syndrome, etc., thereby, improving the quality of life.

Diseases until recently were thought to originate at the cellular level and were managed accordingly with medicines of a considerable dose but the recent development in genetics have made clear that the real source of disease lies in the genes and its expressions, the correction of which requires a minimal dose of medicine. This justifies the use of minimal dose in Homoeopathy which has always maintained the role of genes and its expressions in the origin of a disease.

Homoeopathy being an holistic medicine understands the importance of diet, exercise and psychology in maintaining the state of health of an individual and uses them judiciously in the treatment process.

Homoeopathic Physician
Aarudraa Homoeopathic Speciality Centre
Ashok Nagar, Chennai.


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