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October 22, 2021 by admin0

Pre-diabetes is good. Yes, you heard it right. Life rarely offers us a second chance or golden opportunity where we can make use of it at its optimum.

We can accomplish over Pre-diabetes with firm and composed mind. Pre-diabetes is a precursor of type 2- Diabetes mellitus. It is a phase of increased fasting blood sugar levels (100-110mg/dL) but not high enough to be branded as “Established Diabetes mellitus”. There is a very fragile border between Pre-diabetes and Established Diabetes Mellitus. Pre-diabetic state is a body’s automated wake up call indicating a defective lifestyle.

Few Pre-diabetic states are

  1. History of Diabetes mellitus in the family.
  2. Obesity
  3. Excessive stress
  4. Improper sleep patterns
  5. PCOS
  6. Sedentary lifestyle
  7. Faulty dietary habits

Some of the pre-disposing factors cannot be changed but its fine to focus on things that can be modified. These warning signs are strong indications for serious lifestyle modifications. It is all about self- analyzing the above factors and being pro- active towards health. All it takes is a positive mind, an appropriate approach and understanding to reverse Pre-diabetes. Yes, make hay while the sun shines to lead a blissful and an alluring life.


Dr. S. Devi
Medical Officer
Aarudraa Homoeopathic Health Care Centre.


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